James Anthony Yammouni

James Anthony Yammouni
NAME:  James Anthony Yammouni
D.O.B/ STAR SIGN: 27/02/1996 Picees
LIKES AND DISLIKES: I like to do my homework :P ahahha I like to see friends and family as much as I can and live my life to the fullest as much as I can because you never know what will happen tomorrow, you might be good one day and dead the next. I dislike my sisters cooking, and I dislike people hating on our fans because to me they are my life
HOBBIES: My hobbies are to make videos with my four brothers and to see where life takes me on this amazing journey
SPORTS YOU PLAY/ FAV SPORT: The current sports I play are, well actually let me take you on my amazing journey of becoming the number one downballer in the Southern Hemisphere with luke being second and jai being seventy fifth best player... well long story short. I love AFL and am a one eyes Carlton man, they are everything.
WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT GIRLS/ FRIENDS/ FAMILY: The thing I like about a girl is her confidence and her natural beauty, when she has self respect and doesn't do what people pressure her to do, What I like about my mates are that they're my friends and are always there for me and I can trust them with anything, My favourite thing about family is that they are besides me whether they like it or not ;) hahaha
WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LIKE: My favourite type of music is pop/RnB such as One Direction, Sarah DeBono music and Faydee or kickback songs such as Ed Sheeran,
DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS: I dont have any pets
WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY: My friends and family make me happy
FAV FOOD: Warak eneb- its Arabic food that's wrapped in vine leaves
FAV COLOUR: Blue- the reason is because the team i support are the navy blues and my wall is painted blue hahaha




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